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Information for mentors and mentees

PhD mentor program

Become a mentor - and how to get a mentor

Information for mentors and mentees

PhD mentor program

Become a mentor - and how to get a mentor

Become a Mentor for current PhD students

As a mentor you will act as sparring partner to a PhD student who may benefit from your experience in matters such as career opportunities, searching and applying for jobs, networking, and the transition from doing research to employment outside academia.In addition to this - discussing well being as a PhD student and what challenges well beeing is also relevant to consider.

You must be prepared to support the learning process of and be prepared to take the time to meet with your mentee. You also need to be prepared to listen, ask questions, give advice, and share your own experiences.

Additionally, you need to be a member of the university’s alumni-network, AAU Alumni. AAU Alumni is completely free. You will gain access to exclusive webinars from AAU and external researcher and take part in events.

When you are appointed as a mentor AAU PhD will provide you and your mentee with material to support you through the proces.

Register via the e-mail sent to you (Alumni registration) or contact Kristian Østergaard Sørensen 

Why and how to get a mentor?


AAU PhD offers a mentorship programme that matches current PhD students, with mentors who have experience in the labour market in all sectors.

Through the AAU Alumni network we have access to a diverse network of qualified mentors with professional experience in both the public and private sector.


  • Clarification of your career goals and a chance for you to kick-start your ensuing development process.
  • Feedback on your personal, academic and professional skills and a chance to receive feedback on or develop business ideas.
  • An employer’s view on your application and CV.
  • An opportunity to expand your network.
  • A peer to discuss your well-being as a PhD student with.


The mentoring programme runs over a period defined by you and your mentor  - the numer of meetings, format and frequency is also up to you to decide. We will of course support you during the start of the proram

We match mentees with AAU alumni mentors on the basis of a correlation in competence, expertise, experience, field, and career path (taken and wanted).

The participants will receive material on e-mail about being a mentor/mentee and with tools to use in the process. 


We aim to provide as many applicants as possible with a mentor. However, we cannot guarantee a mentor for everyone.

Contact and register in the mentor program

Register as an alumni/mentor her: https://www.phd.aau.dk/phd-career-hub/alumni 

If you have any questions regarding the mentoring programme please contact Kristian Østergaard at krs@adm.aau.dk